Medical Research

Medical technology is rapidly advancing and new studies and protocols are constantly on the horizon. At Refuah Helpline we want to ensure that our information is up to date with latest treatment and techniques available in healthcare. This requires endless hours of research and lots of training. To that effect we have dedicated employees who devote themselves specifically to this tedious task. We strive for the best and in order to achieve that we can never stop learning, growing and exploring.

Furthermore, acquiring the necessary affiliations and being in touch with the right professionals is a key in optimizing our ability to adequately guide our patient in the right direction. Meetings with faculty members, department heads and chief physicians are another way of expanding our access to superlative centers. It also provides opportunity for learning of new and latest cutting edge medical techniques, findings, and treatments options.

Through diligent research combined with our numerous connections and key contacts we are able to make the suitable recommendations to our many grateful callers.