Medical Record Review

A large share of the unending work at Refuah Helpline is dedicated to gathering medical records of patients who are at a point in their treatment where various options are considered and crucial decisions have to be made. It is a time consuming yet essential part of the process required in order to come to the appropriate conclusion.

Frequently, referrals cannot be made until medical records are reviewed. This requires both a vast knowledge and understanding of medical terminology and many hours of clerical work to gather the necessary documents and images.

A patient who has suddenly received the devastating news about a serious diagnosis is obviously lost and bewildered. Where do they begin? Clearly, they are too distraught to go through the painstaking tasks of making numerous phone calls, filling out forms and much more that this process necessitates.

Copies of Mri’s, CT scans, ultrasounds, and PET CT scans, have to be ordered at the radiology centers where the diagnostic tests were done. Pathology slides have to be obtained at the hospitals where the surgical biopsy was performed. They are then often sent to out of state doctors for review. This requires picking up the films at various locations and then going to UPS or Fedex to have them shipped express. Alternatively, scans are regularly dropped off directly to the doctors’ office in order to save time…….and lives. Refuah Helpline does all the tedious leg work.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers devote countless hours on the road driving from hospital to hospital, picking up and dropping off medical records, scans and reports.

Who can describe the relief and the consolation this added service provides to the patient and family? Who can fathom the large burden lifted off the shoulders of the distressed individuals? It is not just emotionally. This also is physically saving them hours of phone calls and driving and when necessary, financially sparing them the fees that can quickly accumulate to substantial amounts including car fares, missed work, shipping expenses, and more.

Our multitude of grateful families will testify that this is truly a service unparalleled. They also acknowledge that the serenity and comfort this provided them is indescribable.