Advocacy and connections

Patient advocacy in essence, has no definition at Refuah Helpline, it is all encompassing. As the need arises Refuah Helpline is there to advocate for our patients at every step of the way. Challenges and red tape are a constant struggle and when combined with the burden of illness, the ordeal becomes insurmountable. Be it to expedite appointments to famous physicians, consult with out of state specialists, or correspond with medical professionals in order to have them review medical records and get their expert input. This is the constant and endless work at Refuah Helpline.

Our numerous letters, emails and faxes testify to the diversity of the significant and critical situations that is dealt with on an ongoing basis. Our endeavors are driven by zeal, compassion and determination; as a result, no obstacle is too large to overcome in our effort to bring optimal medical care to each patient.

Oftentimes, advocacy comes in the form of gifts to doctors and medical staff. Refuah Helpline is constantly in tuned and whenever necessary they are there to present the right individual at the right time with a respectable gift. Be it to facilitate care or demonstrate appreciation and gratitude or to maintain vital relationships. This has proven to generate the desired affect and is an ongoing part of what we do.

Another very important aspect of patient advocacy involves hosting events for various situations. A dinner to acknowledge a doctor for his outstanding kindness and expertise, a lunch to get to know new essential resources and form new relationships…the opportunities are endless…and the results are rewarding.

Over the years, through these means, we have been successful in developing exceptional working relationships with top notch doctors and facilities, both in the USA and internationally. This provides the benefit of facilitating care and optimizing outcome.