Insurance and Coverage Advice

We work endlessly to find competent doctors according to the patients’ insurance coverage and needs. While every effort is made to assist callers in finding a reputable doctor according to their current insurance, Refuah Helpline will not compromise on quality. First and foremost the patients’ best interest is addressed. A very large percent of our patients have Medicaid coverage and our continuous efforts have resulted in a large database of skilled specialists accepting these insurances. However the circumstances often necessitate referring patients to doctors who are out of their insurance network.

Refuah Helpline staff is trained and knowledgeable with the fine points of insurance policies and guidelines, advising and directing the patients, thus enabling them to access the very best care and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Additionally, we have an excellent relationship with many organizations and important contacts so that we can direct patients to available resources and programs. Our greatest pleasure is to enable patients to achieve their utmost care as smoothly and efficiently as possible.