Chazak Support Group

Chazak is a division of Refuah Helpline. Chazak is a cozy place were fears, rejection, and struggles disappear. In its place, there is support, acceptance and unity. This is where fathers, mothers and siblings of various challenges come together to learn, grow and to rise above the challenges. Chazak members consist of special, unique individuals whose life has been challenged by diverse circumstances. Whether it’s a child who is visually impaired, a loved one with epilepsy or a family member with cancer.....Chazak is a safe and warm place for them to encourage and support each other. It’s a place to share their trials, triumphs and their treasures of wisdom with others in similar situations. Chazak hosts over 20 individual support groups yearly and all this takes place in the Refuah Helpline’s central conference room.

Refuah Helpline’s central conference room – Ohel Sarah Sima

Everything we do here at Refuah Helpline emanates from this very room. All the life-giving efforts of our staff and the doctors we collaborate with start here in this one space: Ohel Sara Sima. Among other things, here is where we gather with the families of patients to discuss and address the impossible decisions that relate to surgery and treatment plans. We are also offering up this facility as a symposium platform. Celebrated doctors from every corner of the world come down here to deliver speeches and interface with the families of patients. Questions that would go unanswered in traditional medical settings are openly discussed, and enlightening advice is shared freely and without prerequisite. Ultimately The most impressive function of this room yet, is the many Chazak support groups hosted here.

Chazak Individualized Groups

Mothers of medically involved

When you want a recipe or looking to discuss where to shop for clothes you can call any friend or neighbor. But who do you ask about tips for feeding tubes or where to get suction catheters? Who can you kvetch to about the woes of nursing coverage? Only mothers facing the same challenges can understand, share and sympathize.

Mothers of hearing impaired individuals

How do you overcome daily challenges your children are facing in school and with friends? At the support groups mothers can hear from renowned physicians, audiologists and mothers who understand.

Mothers of placed children

Who can understand the mixed emotions mothers of placed children are facing? Who can you share your challenges and innermost sentiments? Only mothers in the same situation can really understand your sensitive position. What a relief to share and exchange ideas and coping skills.

Mothers of children on the autistic spectrum/ PDD

Dealing with the challenges that come along with Autism can be very lonely and daunting. But when shared with others in similar situations mothers can be encouraged, reassured and support each others. Gain strength and clarity by exchanging ideas and tools to lighten the daily ordeals entrusted to those special mothers of unique individuals.

Mothers of children with ADD/ ADHD

A routine day can be quite a challenge for mothers of children with ADD/ADHD. Only those that share the experience can understand and sympathize. They can also exchange ideas and tips, therapies and modalities that have worked for them. Additionally, our renowned speakers on this topic have been an eye opener and a fountain of information. Thus mothers can gain support, knowledge and encouragement to equip them on their daunting journey.

Mothers of children with down syndrome

The world can give you pitying glances or try to avoid you. What do they know of the joy, the triumphs and the love? Mothers in the same situation understand. Here you can share a good laugh or cry, as well as tips and advice to help your special child blossom.

Mothers dealing with preemie challenges

When every gram counts and when every ring of the phone sends your heart fluttering. Or, When you have overcome the initial ordeals and are now facing long term challenges, there are others who understand. Because they have been there, done that. Sharing always lightens the burden and enlightens you with tips, tools and skills.

Mothers of children with developmental delays

There are so many options and alternative methods for children with developmental delays. Learn what has worked for others. Share your trials and triumphs. Get ideas and tips for your daily challenges from others who are in the know. A good laugh or cry is what it takes to keep forging ahead.

Mothers of children with congenital heart defect

The heart is a complex organ, as only mothers who have children with congenital heart defects can know. What are the newest options and latest medical advances? What are the risks and benefits? Renowned cardiac surgeons and pediatric cardiologists have joined our mothers support groups. Thus, mothers can gain knowledge, support and a listening ear.

Seizure disorder seminars

Facing the challenges of seizure disorders is very daunting. Oftentimes caregivers have to deal with constant fear of the unknown. Sudden emergencies are a constant struggle. Here they can come together to hear the newest treatment options from renowned neurologists and gain advice and tips from others in similar situations.

Luncheon for challenged adult

Our challenged adult family is a group of intelligent and wise woman who have overcome obstacles and challenges that many will never face. They have weathered the storm and have emerged with victory. They come together to share and enjoy a friendly lunch in great company.

Brain injured / TBI

TBI is a unique and devastating challenge. Members can learn coping tools and skills as well as support and encouragement. Hear success stories and share tips and ideas. Come out stronger and better equipped to forge ahead. Share a good laugh or cry, it always feels better when you are understood and surrounded by those who have been there, done that.

Physically challenged

It is very painful for mothers to watch their children struggle with physical challenges. But what people don't know is the joy and love these children bring to the home. Only mothers who are facing similar situations can understand. Sharing advice, and tools can enlighten mothers how to help their children make progress and deal with their daily trials.

Bereaved mothers

There are some forms of pain that are too deep and vast to express. Who can fathom the longing, the agony and the lost dreams mothers experience after losing a precious child? Only mothers who have faced this challenge can understand and provide the encouragement and support one needs to continue on with life after such a significant loss.

Bereaved daughters

Parents are never too old and children never outgrow the need for their support and wisdom. Only others who have lost a parent can understand the challenges that ensue. Whether its the longing and guilt or the concern for the remaining parent...sharing with others always brings relief, encouragement and the strength to forge on.

Celiac disease symposium

With so many people suffering from gluten intolerance it is of utmost importance to bring the topic to the forefront. Our seminars have been joined by the most renowned specialists treating celiac disease. Their knowledge and education has been a true eye opener. Additionally our participants have the opportunity to share recipes and tips on how to live happily despite gluten intolerance.

Emotional awareness seminar

The need for emotional awareness is huge and constantly growing. However there is little information available to those who are brave enough to explore the field. Our seminars are joined by renowned specialists and are truly informative and educational. It has brought major awareness and positive changes to many.

PPD/pre and postpartum depression event

An average of 15% of woman suffer from postpartum depression. Our educational events will give you the tools to recognize the warning signs in yourself or your loved ones early on. The awareness can help you make a huge difference in saving a family from falling apart.

Allergy & Asthma Seminar

Many people suffer from allergies but some are suffering to such a degree that it affects their daily life. Our renowned guest speakers have brought a fountain of information and eduction to those individuals. Sharing tips and ideas with others has proven to be extremely beneficial as well.

EOE Help for pations

Many people suffer from EOE but some are suffering to such a degree that it affects their daily life. Our renowned guest speakers have brought a fountain of information and eduction to those individuals. Sharing tips and ideas with others has proven to be extremely beneficial as well.

Cancer Coping Network

Cancer survivors

Few can understand the life of an individual who has been through the enormous ordeal of cancer and treatment. The challenges they face after recovery are unique and sensitive. Only others in similar circumstances can understand. Members come together to share and exchange their experiences and coping tools and skills. There is nothing like advice from a fellow friend who really knows.

Patient or spouse on treatment

There are many organizations who provide entertainment and support for those undergoing cancer treatment. But there is nothing like sharing with a fellow patient or caregiver. The support and encouragement that one receives from a friend in the same boat is unparalleled and priceless. Sharing a burden always lightens the load and enables to forge on despite the obstacles.

Mothers of the cancer challenged child

To watch a child battling a life threatening illness is devastating. The fears, the hope, the is all too overwhelming. Mothers can come together and feel safe and comfortable to discuss their innermost concerns and challenges. Sharing information and ideas can help cope with the day to day struggles. It also provides encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow.