About us

Founded in 1997 Refuah Helpline is rapidly growing. What started out as a single handed small operation, born out of the innate genuine desire to help patients facing medical crisis has to date evolved into a multi-faceted organization and demand for its services are constantly rising.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Hannah Landau, Refuah Helpline was established to field calls of individuals seeking medical advice and referrals. In addition, we provide extensive patient advocacy which branches out to a multitude of services.

Today, Refuah helpline has a full time staff who is always available to answer your call and to be there for you in numerous ways. Our staff consists of trained and sensitive individuals who will guide and advise each caller with individuality and consideration. Whether it’s for a medical referral or to expedite an appointment, support and guidance for a newly diagnosed patient or to join our chazak family, callers can be confident that their inquiry will be handled professionally and perceptively. Our multiple phone lines constant ringing is evidence to the significance of our crucial and unique services that we provide to the community. All our services are completely free to any individual reaching out for a helping hand and a listening ear. No request was ever denied and no call for help was ever rejected.