Mental Health Referrals

You are not alone. Not anymore. The world of mental health is changing dramatically and it is very encouraging. But to individuals dealing with mental health challenges it may seem daunting and scary. Anxiety, depression, phobias, marriage issues and post-traumatic stress are some of the common conditions many are facing. These conditions fortunately are very treatable. But, where does one start? Who can be trusted to remain confidential and respectful to their inquiries? How do they go about finding the right professional? These are only some of the many obstacles they face. Nowadays, there are an abundance of very competent, experienced and well trained therapists, social workers, psychologist and psychiatrists. They are very knowledgeable and equipped to help deal with a vast array of conditions and a multitude of treatment options. What patients need, is someone to listen to their unique situation, preferences and circumstances and guide them to the right professional.
Rabbi Landau has dedicated himself to this task. With years of experience and knowledge, education and research he has amassed a distinct understanding and a unique sensitivity to the mental health field. He is able to expertly listen, guide and advise patients and their loved ones gently and empathetically until they have found and feel comfortable and safe with the professional help they are receiving.