Chazak Support Group

Refuah Helpline’s central conference room.

Everything we do here at Refuah Helpline emanates from this very room. All the life-giving efforts of our staff and the doctors we collaborate with start here in this one space: Ohel Sara Sima. Among other things, here is where we gather with the families of patients to discuss and address the impossible decisions that relate to surgery and treatment plans.
We are also offering up this facility as a symposium platform. Celebrated doctors from every corner of the world come down here to deliver speeches and interface with the families of patients. Questions that would go unanswered in traditional medical settings are openly discussed, and enlightening advice is shared freely and without prerequisite.

Chazzak Support Groups’ meeting place.
The most impressive function of this room yet, is the Chazak support groups. Chazak is a division of Refuah Helpline. Chazak is a cozy place were fears, rejection, and struggles disappear. In its place, there is support, acceptance and unity. This is where fathers, mothers and siblings of various handicaps come together to learn, grow and rise above the challenges.Chazak members consist of special, unique individuals whose life has been challenged by diverse circumstances. Whether it’s a child who is visually impaired, a loved one with epilepsy or a family member with cancer.....Chazak is a safe and warm place for them to encourage and support each other. Its a place to share their trials, triumphs and their treasures of wisdom with others in similar situations. Chazak hosts over 20 individual support groups yearly and all this takes place in the Refuah Helpline’s central conference room.